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Get everything tax, business, & finance-related off of your plate and onto ours!


In our Tax Strategy package, we're not only helping you pay less taxes legally (so you can keep more of your hard-earned revenue for yourself)...

...we're also stepping in as your very own Tax Team and take care of everything tax strategy-related for you.

So, if you're ready to wave "goodbye" to feeling stressed out whenever tax season rolls around and feeling like you have NO CLUE what you're supposed to be doing when it comes to saving money in taxes...

...we've got you covered.



We create your customized tax strategy

We come up with a customized tax strategy for you that is literally designed to save you (tens of thousands of) dollars every year.


We implement the strategy for you on your upcoming tax return

We implement these strategies for you before year-end and when preparing your tax return. We take care of all the forms, updating contracts (which are approved by our very own attorney), and any accounting restructuring needed.


We maintain the strategy for you year-round

We essentially become your own strategy team. We’ll maintain your strategy year-round and take care of things like payroll, 1099 prep, sales tax and documentation (aka all the things you need to be taking care of when it comes to your strategy but don’t have the time or energy for).


During our first year working together, we'll speak quarterly so that we can help you keep track of what's going on in your business from a financial perspective.

Plus, you can count on us for ongoing support in your business, whether it’s a quick question about deductibles or to ease your concern about a new tax bill you’ve heard about on the news – think of us as your very own Tax Team!
Then, once our first year is up, you’ll be moved onto our tax maintenance plan with quarterly meetings & unlimited email support. Plus, we'll be busy doing audit risk detection up to 6 months ahead and continuously searching for new strategies we can implement for you to save you EVEN more money in taxes.
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You’re a successful business owner who already suspects you’re paying way too much in taxes but doesn’t know what to do about it
You’ve heard about HUGE corporations who pay zero tax and seem to always get away with it (how?!) and you want to know how you can pay less in taxes, and keep more of your hard-earned money, without illegal tactics or shady strategies

You’re tired of having to cram the CFO hat on top of your CEO one – you know that spending hours Googling “how to fill out your tax return” and trying to figure out if you’re doing it right is NOT helping to move the needle in your business and it’s beyond time to bring in help

Here's How It Works

  1. First, we'll gather all of your tax information, goals, and expected income for the business so that we can provide you with a tax strategy summary prior. We want all of our clients to save more in the first year than the initial fee they pay!

  2. We’ll dive into our vault of Super Secret Tax Strategies and find ALL of the applicable tax strategies that we can implement in your business. Some of the things we'll look into include deduction review and maximization, legal entity optimization, and liability minimization.  We'll use this information to prepare the tax strategy summary for you to show just how much $$$ we can save you!

  3. After you’ve recovered from the shock of seeing how many thousands of dollars you’ll be able to stop paying the IRS and start earmarking for your next dream vacation, we’ll sign our working contract and you’ll pay the initial fee for the service (this can be broken up into monthly payments).

  4. We’ll then have a 60-minute strategy intensive where we'll outline the relevant strategies for you and your business (keeping it all jargon free!) and show you how we'll work together to save on your taxes each year by implementing each of the strategies.

  5. My team and I will get to work and we’ll connect throughout the year as we work together to save you the most. Once we reach the end of our first year working together, you’ll be moved onto our maintenance plan and you’ll get quarterly calls with the team each year plus normal email communications while we work to keep your strategy up to date and take care of your other business finance tasks for you. Rest assured that you can contact us whenever you have a quick question or concern – we’re here for you!

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The investment for our Tax Strategy package starts at $2000 per month for the first 12 months and then from $600 per month thereafter.
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