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Hi, I'm Barbara

Your Tax Coach

 Are you tired of accounting firms not providing the value or high level of customer service they promised?


Me too.

I see myself as having two main missions in life:

1) Successfully figure out how to recreate Starbucks’ salted sweet cream cold foam cold brew at home

2) Save business owners like you THOUSANDS of dollars every single year on your tax returns while also relieving your tax-related stress and anxiety by giving you the jargon-free, cliff-notes version of your tax situation.

I like to think of myself as a tax WIZARD who’s hell-bent on saving you from crappy accounting firms and paying larger-than-necessary tax bills

Before I started Your Tax Coach, I worked at all different kinds of accountancy firms: HUGE global ones, regional ones, local ones. And, no matter their scale or size or client roster, they all had two things in common: (1) they sucked at customer service; and (2) they never came up with tax ideas or strategies for their clients.


I knew there had to be a better way, and there was. Sure, it involved a little bit of faith, a heap of grit and determination, and more cups of coffee than I care to admit...but it all came together with me, creating my own tax accountancy firm and priding myself on building real relationships with my clients and doing everything in my power to save them money. 


My passion for crunching numbers and diving into tax strategies doesn’t just come from my desire to do right by my clients (or my head for maths).


Truth be told, I know what it’s like to stress out about money. I grew up very poor so I understand the panic of having to mentally calculate the cost of things at the grocery checkout. I remember the slow creep of dread whenever you’d think about your complete lack of emergency funds or savings.


When I was growing up, I didn’t even know what a savings account was and I was constantly reminded that we “didn’t have enough”. Nobody in my family had graduated college, so when I became the first graduate in my family I knew that I had to use my knowledge and skills in accountancy to help educate as many people as possible about money, finances and saving.


Because at the end of the day – we all have to pay taxes. I want to make sure you’re only paying what you NEED to be paying so that you can also save, plan for retirement, take a dream vacation (or 10), and actually enjoy your life and the rewards of your hard work and business success.

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Taxes without the stress, anxiety, or return day dread.

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Drinking coffee

I LOVE coffee. I am low-key obsessed with coffee. The more coffee the better – I'll take my coffee black, I'll take a salted sweet cream cold foam cold brew (try saying that 3 times fast!), I'll take coffee anyway, anytime...unless it’s after 5pm in which case I’ll trade in my coffee cup for a wine glass because, thanks to growing up in wine country, I also love wine!



Thanks to my sense of adventure (and a spouse in the military!), I've lived all over the country. I love traveling to new places and my retirement plan includes moving to New Zealand so I can try out living on the other side of the world and see what their coffee and wine situation is like!


Hanging with my fam

I’m a mama to 3 kiddos and a proud military spouse, so believe me when I say that family is everything. I love nothing more than spending time hanging out with my family and laughing till our stomachs hurt.

When I’m not crunching your numbers and finding new ways for you to save on your taxes, you can find me…

Lifting weights

I like to think that my (almost magical) ability to take the huge tax-related weight off of my clients’ shoulders is related to the gold medal I once won in an Olympic Weightlifting competition… or it could just be because of my passion for helping business owners like you save money on your taxes. Either way, I’m here for it!


Saving you money is my JAM...

making your taxes less taxing for you is my specialty.

Marble Surface

Working with me will be the next best thing

since avocado toast

IF you’re the sorta person who…

...future paces and

forward plans.


My zone of genius is strategizing your taxes and finances so you can save money on your tax return NEXT YEAR, which means you need to be willing to invest in my services now to see a return later (and, like all of my clients, save thousands of dollars in taxes as a result!).

...wants someone on

your team.


I'll be advocating for you, saving you A LOT of money, communicating often, and easing your worry...because that’s exactly what I’ll be doing! I need you to be able to trust my expertise and know that I’m looking out for your best interests.

...loves that I'm not a

regular accountant.


I’m outgoing, personable, won't speak jargon to you, and will very likely be cheering you on via social media. I need you to respect and honor my professional boundaries while also knowing that I’m doing everything in my power to help you save money and succeed in your business.

I'm More Than A Tax Preparer

I'm Your Tax Coach

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