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You’re currently CRUSHING it in your business...

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...but the subject of finances and taxes makes you want to turn all the lights off, hide under your desk and scream into a throw pillow?

Typically, when you hire an accountant to prepare your tax return, you give them your numbers, they put it on a form and ask for your signature, and then they leave. 


Which is where the problem starts.


Sure, you now have your tax return prepared and ready to submit – but you’re still COMPLETELY in the dark about what any of it means. So, you just have to sit and wait for your tax bill to land on the doormat, not knowing what the end figure will be and never actually knowing if you’re paying more than you need to be.


And even if you do reach out to your accountant to try to learn more about how it all works? You’ll probably just get a whole bunch of industry jargon thrown back at you or you’ll be ghosted, waiting on a reply to a simple question for weeks on end.

Well, not around here friend!

Ready to save thousands of dollars on your taxes?

Here’s how we can work together

You need a tax accountant who is not afraid to really crunch your numbers

Here’s the thing: you don’t have to be a millionaire with multiple offshore accounts and a secret life in a tax haven country to pay less in taxes...


...and you don’t need to be a mathematical genius to understand where and how you can save money on your taxes…


...and you definitely don’t have to be scared of tax season OR have an accountant who is old and boring. 


Because the truth is that in order to go from feeling overwhelmed and anxious at the thought of your business finances and tax returns to feeling relaxed and like it’s all under control, you just need a tax accountant who specializes in crunching your numbers AND in analyzing your personal situation to come up with tax strategies to save you money.

A lot of money.

And the good news?
That’s exactly what we're all about!


On average, our tax strategy clients save more than $20,000 every single year on taxes...meaning they make back their investment in our services AND THEN SOME.

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Tax Strategy


Our main flagship offer – and the one that’s perfect for you if you’re a successful business owner who already suspects you’re paying way too much in taxes but doesn’t know what to do about it. Maybe you’ve heard about HUGE corporations who pay zero tax and seem to always get away with it (how?!) and you want to know how you can pay less in taxes, and keep more of your hard-earned money, without illegal tactics or shady strategies. 

Tax Prep


This service is perfect for you if you’re an ambitious business owner who still feels stung by the last big check you had to make out to the IRS (and who is ready to stop having your heart rate go up whenever you see those three little letters). We'll take everything tax-return off your plate and get it onto ours!

Packages starting at $1650

These fees cover one state and one federal return.

Business Intensive


Are you a new business owner who wants to be “too legit to quit” when it comes to all things finances and taxes?


Do you want to know how to maximize your deductions and make sure you’re toeing the line of the law when it comes to paying your taxes?

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Book Now For $777

60-minute strategy call plus unlimited Voxer access for 30 days.

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