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Your Tax Coach

"If we hadn’t hired Barbara, we would probably be $50k in debt at this point. We would have owed more money in taxes this season than we had. We would never have gotten the PPP funds we needed to weather this financial storm. Honestly, I don’t want to think about where we’d be without Barbara because the thought is a little scary. We love her so much and are so grateful for all she’s done for us!


She saved our financial life!"

"I was starting to write a recommendation/reference about the services that Barbara has helped out with and I am unsure what direction I want to go in because she quite literally was the savior of my life with fixing the errors that had gone unnoticed by my previous tax professionals.  If I can help anyone out that has struggled with inattentive professionals I can not say enough positive things about how she helped get my business and personal taxes back in order. I wish I had met her sooner!!!!"

- Blake M, Owner of Petite Studio

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“Now I feel 100% confident that we are maximizing ever possible tax strategy we can in order for our business to thrive. I am confident in Barbara’s expertise so much so that I NEVER worry anymore. That space used to be filled with anxiety is now filled with ease and confidence!”

"Barbara is an an amazing advisor - not only is she always available for our calls and needs, but she readily brings our team ideas and actively connects us with others in the community.  We are grateful for her expertise and support."

Wilson M., Owner of JWM Consulting

"Going forward - especially with plans to grow - we are so grateful for you.  We sing your praises to everyone who will listen!"

Jess G., Entrepreneur

"Barbara is amazing - and I am so glad I connected with her on my tax needs this year!  She truly wants to get to know you and your tax needs - and to assist in the best way possible.  She is quick to respond to any questions I had, and I will definitely continue to work with her on my future tax needs (personal and biz!"

Carol K., Entrepreneur

"Barb is amazing to work with! She not only knows her stuff, but she is also willing to help when things don't go as planned.  Working with her at first on my personal taxes, and then trusting her with my small business taxes has been enjoyable and productive.  She goes above and beyond for not only her clients, but for her friends, and I am grateful to be both!"

- Vivian M., Owner of Magdalena's Chimney Cakes 

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Not Just A Guru

Your Tax Coach

"As a small business owner of 2 businesses, Barbara has helped guide both forward into something I am proud of.  We started with Barb before we even had the bank account set up, and time and time again she has helped up steer our financial ship.  I don't see Barbara as my financial guru, I view her as a permanent member of my team.  Not only is her input logically sound, I trust her. And with somebody looking over your money, you need trust.  She shares advice, opportunities and always gets the job done.  What more can you ask for?"

-Allen H., Owner of AlleyCat Foods


"After starting up my business and using another accountant and having a horrible experience, we made the move over to Barbara.  She not only went above and beyond on answering questions and helping us get our taxes back on track.  She now monitors all of our business.  Working with Barbara has been the best experience for us.  Very easy to deal with and being an owner time is one thing I don't have a lot of. She has removed a lot of stress for me and put more time back in my day.  THANKS BARBARA!"

-James G., Owner of Dealer Lifts


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