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Self-Employment Tax Deductions

Updated: Jun 24, 2021

Unsure about what actually counts when it comes to self-employment tax deductions?

Recognizing potential tax deductions will help you save money as a self-employed biz owner. This is one of the many ways I save my clients THOUSANDS of dollars each year! 🎉🥳🥂

Here’s a quick list of possible self-employment deductions:

  1. Half of Your Self-Employment Tax

  2. Use of Your Home Office

  3. Rent and Mortgage Interest

  4. Utilities, Internet and Phone Costs

  5. Supplies

  6. Equipment

  7. Repairs and Maintenance

  8. Retirement Plans

  9. Self-Employed Health Insurance Premiums

  10. Other Insurance

  11. Employee Wages and Benefits and Payments to Contractors

  12. Taxes and Fees

  13. Interest

  14. Advertising, Promotion, Dues, and Subscriptions

  15. Business Travel

  16. Meals

  17. Transportation and Auto Expenses

  18. Professional Services

  19. Business Photography Expenses

  20. Qualified Business Income Deduction

Are you taking advantage of all of the deductions you can? Hint: just because you have a CPA does not mean they’re helping you save on taxes!

Reach out if you have any questions!

I love helping y’all save money.

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