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Quarterly Taxes Due September 15th!

Quarterly Taxes are Due September 15th!

Can you believe tomorrow is September? I feel like I said that yesterday about August! However, September means QUARTERLY ESTIMATES. Make sure you check your tax returns to see if any quarterly estimates are required to be paid. If I prepared your returns for 2019, please check your folder or email me if you have additional questions.

Why do you have to pay quarterly estimates?

Well, because the IRS and states want money coming in all year round instead of just at tax time.

Are you required to pay them?

If you owed on your taxes last year, then yes, they are required.

What if I don’t pay my quarterly taxes?

There will be a small interest and penalties amount added to the taxes you owe next April.

How do I calculate them?

I definitely recommend having a professional do it for you so you don’t pay way too much or way too little.

If you were a 2019 tax client of mine, your estimated tax vouchers printed with the PDF of your tax return. If your 2020 income is far off from 2019, let’s chat and get them recalculated.

Money Mindset

HONORING YOUR FEAR - how to shift from a lie to a truth

It is your job to shift your beliefs.

As you identify your negative beliefs, CHOOSE TO SEE THEM A DIFFERENT WAY

  1. Notice how you feel

  2. Honoring how you feel

  3. Choose a new way/tell a new story

  4. Processing how you feel

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