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Enneagram? Heard of it? I hadn’t until last year and then I started seeing people call themselves numbers all over Instagram.

I finally gave in. And when I say gave in, I don’t just mean I took the test. I hired a coach before even taking the test. A coach. To get nitty gritty on who I am. Kind of scary. But...I’ve had one session so far with Jess (@jess.holdthespace) ( and I can’t wait to deep dive into it even more.

What Is It You Ask?

The Enneagram is a set of nine distinct personality types. Although it is common to see a little bit of yourself in each type, you’ll probably lean towards one more than others. I had three scores that were very close (like tied) to each other but I think I have mine figured out. TBD. Also, Jess told me you are not supposed to type others so let them tell you who they are. Why? Because who they are or portray on the outside might not be who they are on the inside.

Most Enneagram authors would agree that we are all born with a dominant type and people do not change from one basic type to another. However, a person can act like a different type depending on if they are in a healthy state or an unhealthy state. There are no masculine or feminine types and there are no types that are better than others.

More Than Just A Number

Once you figure out your number, there are all sorts of other topics you can learn about like wings, the centers, the dominant emotions of those centers, the continuum of the levels of development, directions of growth and stress.

My hope is to not only learn about myself but to also use what I learn about the Enneagram to grow my relationships with my family, friends, and clients.

Want to take the test? There are free ones but I would recommend this one that has a nominal fee:

Comment below and let me know what number you are!

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