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2019 Tax Return Refunds

\Where’s my money? Everyone’s wondering the same thing. The IRS is REALLLLLLY behind on processing refunds. Like 12 weeks behind. Rightly so, I guess… they’re busy issuing millions of stimulus checks still.  Speaking of Stimulus Checks… If you’re expecting one and haven’t received it yet, you can go here and check to see the status:  Keep in mind, the questions they ask you in the link need to be answered exactly right for it to grant you access. Also, if your 2019 tax return isn’t processed yet, they’ll need answers from your 2018 tax returns.  Did you hear they might be doing a second round of stimulus checks as part of another $3 trillion stimulus bill?

PPP Loans

The SBA made PPP loan funds much easier for self-employed individuals to get. If you still haven’t applied for PPP loan funds, why haven’t you? See my blog post here on how to apply.

The SBA FINALLLY came out with the PPP loan forgiveness application (AHEM, only 2 weeks later than they said they would). It is ELEVEN PAGES and about as complicated as a tax return (cue the eye rolls). Let me know if you need help filling out your application for forgiveness.

Wine and Taxes

Do you love wine? I sure do! What I don’t like though are headaches. I have found an amazing wine company that sells organic, clean-crafted wine for not a lot of money.

Best part: most of the wines have less than a gram of residual sugar in them. Let me know if you’d like any help picking some out! Learn more here!

Budget Tip

Sell your things. Yes, it’s obvious. But are you doing it? We all have stuff in our house that we could sell on Facebook Marketplace or clothes in our closet to sell on Poshmark.

Grab 10 items, snap a picture, post to sell it!

I did it last year and paid for a sailing trip in St. Tropez. That reminds me, I have a few bags piling up of clothes I need to sell. I’ll be putting the funds I get from selling those clothes into starting a fund for the kids’ braces. Hey, 3 kids that will all likely need braces, that’s expensive! Can never start saving too soon!

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