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Hi - I'm Barbara,

Your Tax Coach

I’m not a regular tax accountant. I’m a cool tax accountant.

‘Mean Girls’ quotes aside – HEY, I’m Barbara. Coffee-loving mama, proud military spouse and passionate tax accountant...who also happens to kick serious ass when it comes to rescuing business owners like you from tax season stress and helping you save thousands of dollars on your taxes.

I do this through combining tax accounting with tax strategy – meaning I don’t just crunch your numbers, I analyze them. I find ways for you to save money on your taxes, whether by pointing out deductions you might have overlooked or coming up with custom tax strategies you can implement in your business. To sum it up? I help you save money on your taxes without you having to lift a finger.

Sound too good to be true?

Trust me friend, it's not.

I’ve helped hundreds of business owners like you save a HECK of a lot of money on their taxes.

Most of my clients come to me when they’ve reached their limit. When they’re over feeling overwhelmed at the thought of having to do their taxes. When they are done with chasing their accountant to respond to a simple email. When they are fed up with paying so much in taxes but don’t know enough about how it works to see if there’s a way to save money. 


My current clients were once a lot like you – feeling anxious and stressed out whenever tax season rolled around. Being made to feel stupid by their accountant for asking simple questions. Feeling downright scared at the prospect of a huge, unexpected tax bill.

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They’ve got an accountant on their team who advocates for them. Someone who knows the tax system and the (legal) strategies to save them A LOT of money. Someone who prioritizes communicating often, easing their worry, and removing their overwhelm.


Stop giving the government

all of your money.

Save thousands of dollars on your taxes. Quickly. Easily. Legally. 

If you’re over feeling overwhelmed and anxious whenever tax season rolls around, it’s time to bring in a professional (me!) to handle* things for you.

*and by handle I mean fix it so that you can finally STOP paying the government more than you need to be and START having more of your hard-earned money left over to feed your caffeine addiction/take a vacation/go for brunch.



Helping business owners save money is my jam.  In 2019, I saved my clients over $1,000,000 in taxes. Don't want to be shell shocked by your taxes this year? Don't worry - you don't have to be.  


I am not a stuffy old male accountant who wants to confuse you with accounting jargon and ghost you when you have a quick question about deductions.

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Tax Strategy

My signature tax strategy service where l’lI come up with a customized tax strategy for you that is literally designed to save you (tens of thousands of) dollars every year.

This sounds like what I need!

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Your Fairy

Tax Mother

My clients like to call me their ‘Fairy Taxmother’ and ‘Tax Guru’ – all I know is that my passion for taxes (yes, it’s possible!), empowering you about your finances, and saving you money is what makes me different from all the other accountants out there.


I don’t just put your numbers on a tax return. I analyze, scrutinize and crunch your numbers to find ways for you to save money on your taxes by implementing the strategies that few accountants bother to think about (or even know about).


So, if you’re ready to have your very own Fairy Taxmother in your business – here’s how we can work together!

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Tax Preparation

My tax preparation service where I’ll ease your IRS-related stress by preparing your tax return and pointing out any juicy deductibles you’ve forgotten about. 

Help me find my juicy deductibles!


"She readily brings our team ideas and actively connects us with others in the community."

Wilson M.

Owner of JWM Consulting

"She quite literally was the savior of my life with fixing the errors that had gone unnoticed by my previous tax professionals."

Blake M.

Owner of Petite Studio

"I don't see Barbara as my financial guru, I view her as a permanent member of my team."

Allen H.

Owner of AlleyCat Foods


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Your Tax Coach is a proud alumni of Cal Poly College of Business and supporter of the Intrepid Fallen Heroes Fund to which a portion of all profits go to.